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Nigeria’s President Apologizes for Plagiarizing Obama

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Saturday presented his apologies for having taken several passages from a speech by US President Barack Obama in 2008 in Chicago on...

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North Korea Could 20 Nuclear Bombs by the End of 2016

North Korea could possess enough plutonium and enriched uranium by the end of 2016 to build twenty nuclear bombs, says a prominent American nuclear scientist. Siegfried...

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Woman and Lover Killed by Family Members in Pakistan

This last case of crime committed in the name of honor occurred at about thirty miles from the city of Multan in the center of the country, in a village called Chak 56....

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Russia in Favor of Extending the Truce in Syria

Russia is in favor of extending by 48 hours the cease-fire that went into effect on Monday between the fighting forces in Syria. The cease-fire is supposed to expire...

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