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Ruble Falls: Russia in Trouble as Ruble Falls Against the Dollar

Ruble Falls — The Russian currency — the Ruble — fell Wednesday to its...

Russia Economy

Russia Economy: Bad News for Russian Economy As Oil Falls Again

Russia Economy — The Russian currency fell Monday to the lowest level in its...

Wal-Mart Store Closures

Wal-Mart Store Closures: US Retail Giant Wal-Mart to Close 269 Stores

Wal-Mart Store Closures — US retail Walmart will close 269 stores worldwide,...

Germany Economy

Germany Economy: GDP Grew by 1.7% in 2015, Strongest in 4 Years

The gross domestic product (GDP) of Germany rose 1.7% in 2015, slightly more than the...


Alfredo Hawit

Alfredo Hawit, Former FIFA Vice-President, Extradited to the US

Honduran Alfredo Hawit, former vice-president of FIFA and former president of CONCACAF, was extradited from Switzerland to the United States. He was scheduled to appear...

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Dani Alves Clash at the Golden Ball Ceremony

According to Marca, it was very tense between the two players of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The newspaper Marca speaks of a “lively discussion” between...

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Pluto liquid ocean

Pluto liquid ocean: dwarf planet Pluto may conceal liquid ocean

Pluto liquid ocean — Pluto may have lost its status of planet, but that does not...

US to Approve Moon Mission

US to Approve Moon Mission: Has the Race Begun?

US to Approve Moon Mission — The US government may soon give green light to the...

behemoth black hole

‘Behemoth’ Black Hole Leaves Scientists Speechless

‘Behemoth’ Black Hole — A black hole equivalent to the mass of 17 billion sun...

Ancient Armadillo

Ancient Armadillo Were As Big As Volkswagen Beetles Back in the Days

Ancient Armadillo — Giant armor-plated beasts known as glyptodonts, which roamed...