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Animal Memory Horrible

Animals – Including Your Dog – Have Horrible Memory

National Geographic reports that on average, animals forget an event 27 seconds after it happened, echoing the findings of a study published in late 2014 in the journal...

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age of the universe

The Universe May Have Always Existed, According to New Scientific Model

New Model About the Development of the Universe – By creating a new model combining at once the principles of quantum mechanics and the theory of General...

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Head Transplant Frankenstein

Human Head Transplants Possible in Two Years, Says ‘Frankenstein’ Doctor

Human Head Transplants – An Italian surgeon, Dr. Canavaro, says that in two years it will be possible to graft a human body (donor) on a human head (receiver). The...

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Black Hole in Space

Discovery of Massive Black Hole Challenges Well-Established Theories

Massive Black Hole in Space - Astronomers have discovered a “monstrous” black hole, which challenges the current theories about how these objects were...

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