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Diamond fails to sell

Huge diamond fails to sell during auction in london

Diamond fails to sell — The largest stone ever discovered for over 100 years has...

Krispy Kreme Transaction

Krispy Creme Transaction: Donut Maker, Crispy Kreme, Sold for $1.43Bn

Krispy Creme Transaction — Krispy Kreme donuts will change hands in a deal valued...


Ruble Falls: Russia in Trouble as Ruble Falls Against the Dollar

Ruble Falls — The Russian currency — the Ruble — fell Wednesday to its...

Russia Economy

Russia Economy: Bad News for Russian Economy As Oil Falls Again

Russia Economy — The Russian currency fell Monday to the lowest level in its...


Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant goes to the Golden State

Kevin Durant is now a warrior. It is a transfer which will change the face of the NBA for the next seasons. Kevin Durant, one of the best players in the league and most...

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Brazil state of emergency

Brazil state of emergency: Rio’s Governor Declares Emergency Days Before Games

Brazil state of emergency — Seven weeks off the Olympics, the state of Rio has decreed Friday financial emergency. The Governor of the state calls for funds to...

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United States One True wolf

United States One True wolf Species is Indigenous to America

United States one true wolf — According to a new study the gray wolf is the only...

Rising sea military bases

Rising seas threaten military bases on the US east coast

Rising seas military bases — Rising sea levels resulting from global warming which...

Ceres craters

Ceres craters or the lack thereof intrigue scientists

Ceres craters — In March 2015, the NASA spacecraft Dawn began orbiting the dwarf...

Tallest nations study

Tallest nations study finds Dutch and Latvians to be tallest in the World

A Tallest nations study? Yes, there is such a thing and the results may surprise you....