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China's economy slowing down

China’s Economy Slowing Down Even Faster than Expected

China’s economy slowed sharply in the first quarter of 2015, reaching 7% YOY,...

Russia Automobile Industry

Russia Announces $400 Million Plan to Save Its Automobile Industry

Faced with a collapse in auto sales, the Russian government announced Monday a series of...

euro vs dollar

The Euro Falls Below $1.05 for the First Time in 12 Years

The euro on Thursday briefly fell below $ 1.05 for the first time since January 2003...

Oil prices

Oil Prices Continue to Fall in Asian Markets, Now Under $50

Oil prices continued to fall in Asian markets Monday, victims of a strengthening dollar...


Tech & Science

Atacama Desert

Driest Place on Earth Discovered in Atacama Desert and It’s Full of Microbial Life

Researchers have identified on Earth a site as dry surface of Mars. By analyzing the soil of this region, located in the Chilean Atacama desert, they discovered the...

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Octopus see with skin

The California Two-spot Octopuses Can See With Its Skin

The California two-spot octopus is able to detect and react to light through his skin without processing the light signal with its eyes or its brain. In brief, one...

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domestication of dogs

The Domestication of Dogs Happened Much Earlier than Previously Thought

The domestication of dogs began much earlier than previously thought and dates back to over 27,000 years, according to the genetic analysis of a jaw fragment of an...

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ISS Laser

ISS Laser: Japanese Scientists Want to Install Laser Canons on the ISS to Shoot Down Space Junk

ISS Laser – The problem of junk scattering in space is real. And to solve it, a group of Japanese researchers came up witht the most ingenious plan; shoot down...

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