Palestinian Ambassador to Prague Killed In Explosion

The Palestinian ambassador to Prague, Jamal al-Jamal, died on Wednesday afternoon, to his injuries due to an explosion in the late morning in his apartment.

According to the head of the local police, there is, for the moment at least, no clue about a possible terrorist attack. “The explosion,” he said, “was probably caused by an explosive device placed on a safe” and therefore careless handling may be the cause.

The residence of the Ambassador is located in a newly built building in the north- west of the Czech capital. Palestinian Foreign Ministry said it would send to Prague a “high-level delegation to cooperate with the Czech authorities in the investigation of the causes of the explosion.”

We know with certainty, however, that the whole family of the ambassador was in the apartment at the time of the explosion. According to police, a 52 year old woman was treated on the spot after being exposed to the smoke and was hospitalized in a state of shock.

Jamal al- Jamal had officially assumed his duties as ambassador of Palestine in Prague last October.


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