9 Months Old Baby Appears in Court in Pakistan for Attempted Murder

Unbelievable but true, a 9 month old baby named Mohammad Musa was arrested in early February with other members of his family for throwing stones at representatives of a natural gas company who led an operation to track down people hacking gas meters in the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan.

The nine month old baby has been forced to appear before the court in tears. At the origin of this case is a report by a police officer, Muhammad Kashif, who described the actions of the baby as an attempt of murder. Thirty other people were also brought to court under to the same report. Very upset, of course, the baby spent the whole time crying on the shoulders of his grandfather.

“Everyone in the court wondered how a young child can be involved in such a court case? What kind of policy do we have?” said the grandfather. After the hearing the judge ordered the suspension of the police officer involved. However, although free, the baby will, nevertheless, have to appear again in court next week for the same case.


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