Miley Cyrus Flag Dilemma, the Bigger Problem

Mexican citizens and lawmakers are up in arms about a recent incident on Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” tour when recently, during her Nuevo Leon concert, one of her dancers used a Mexican flag to spank Miley while she was wearing a pair of large, fake buttocks’. The kicker: the day of the concert was Mexico’s independence day. Now, Mexican law is strict about disrespecting the Mexican flag and any national symbols. The actual law states that any disrespect towards a Mexican national symbol can earn a fine up to $1,200 and three days in jail.

Mexican lawmakers have now opened up an investigation against this incident and condemned the act unanimously in a vote this week. No say yet on whether or not the singer will face any charges, but it is clear that her and her team got the message that what was done was disrespectful. At her next concert in Mexico, Miley showed no such disrespect towards the flag, although there were several displayed across the arena.

The question is: Should Miley Cyrus be penalized for disrespecting the Mexican flag? Should this even be the subject of argument at all? Let’s turn the tables for a moment and think about if this happened in America on The Fourth Of July. A Mexican singer known for lewd interactions with their dancers and audience has a dancer use an American flag to spank them with it. Do Americans go up in arms about it? Maybe, but it probably wouldn’t make national news. If the singer had burned the flag or desecrated the flag in any way, of course we as American citizens would have been upset and condemned the act.

The real problem isn’t if Miley Cyrus should be condoned for her actions, it’s how Americans are seen in foreign countries across the world. American tourists are seen in an extremely negative light across the world;as rude and obnoxious. Miley Cyrus’ actions may not be criminal in the United States, but in Mexico, the standards are different and Americans should treat it as such. When going to different countries, Americans should respect the standards and norms there and make sure that their actions are not reflecting on them in a negative light. It’s time for Americans to change their image across the world because whether we like it or not, it’s tainted.

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