The UK Conducted its First Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

On Friday, three European countries – the UK, Denmark and Belgium – have joined the US-led international coalition to fight the Islamist extremist group ISIS. British MPs voted overwhelmingly for limited air strikes in Iraq.

On Saturday morning, Sept. 27, Tornado fighter jets left Cyprus to hit the Sunni extremist group in Iraq and returned to their base at midday. The operation was codenamed “Shader”. The Royal Air Force has not yet specified which targets were involved, but we know that the fighters are supported by a spy plane, responsible for identifying moving ground convoys of the Islamic state.

The British Defense Minister Michael Fallon warned that the new campaign would be long. For his part, the Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted that London was only playing its role in a broad coalition led primarily by the new Iraqi government. But for the members of parliament who voted for the commitment of the UK, there are still many unanswered questions: they said “yes” to a limited Iraq without troops on the ground operation, but a fear of stagnation of the situation and an expansion of the mission into Syria.


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