Teen Girl Kills Pregnant Woman to Steal Her Baby

Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez, 17, killed an eight months pregnant woman.

Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez, a 17-year-old girl Mexican girl from Reynosa, Mexico, stabbed and killed a 20-year-old pregnant woman in order to steal her baby. The woman was 8 months pregnant.

According to Mexican media the girl preyed on her victim on Facebook. The mother was looking for baby accessories which Guadalupe claimed to have. They arranged to meet to proceed with the sale at Guadalupe’s house.

But when Nathaly Cartas Leon knocked on the door, Guadalupe Hernandez Salinas put her evil plan in motion. She hit the victim in the head with a blunt object and stabbed her repeatedly. The victim died immediately. Then, she opened the belly of her victim to take her baby.

The infant, premature and probably traumatized during the attack, was in bad shape. She decided to take her to the hospital. In vain: the baby died. Doctors doubted the story of the young woman and could see that the baby was killed, suffocated in the womb following a violent shock.

According to Mexican police, Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez admitted murdering Cartas Nathaly Leon. She is kept in custody. Various reports, relayed by some media, indicate that the girl had lost a baby earlier this year.

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