Martin Scorsese Taiwan: One Dead, Two Injured on Martin Scorsese’s Movie Set

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese, in Taipei, Taiwan was getting ready to start filming his upcoming movie when tragedy struck. One worker was killed and two others were injured Thursday in the collapse of a ceiling on the filming location of Martin Scorsese’s movie, according learned from official sources.

Three Taiwanese workers were in the process of strengthening an old brick and wood house at the Chinese Culture and Movie Center at the time of the accident, said the fire and rescue service in the city.

The ceiling collapsed. One worker was killed and two others were wounded in the legs and head.

“The director is shocked and saddened by the fact that a worker was fatally injured. He regrets that this incident occurred, “said David Lee, a Taiwanese producer working on Scorsese’s new feature film, entitled Silence.

However, he added that the shooting of the new film, which is to begin on Friday, would proceed as planned.

Adapted from a novel by Shusaku Endo, Silence showcases the Portuguese Jesuits in the 17th century persecuted in their mission of evangelization in remote areas of Japan. The film should be out in 2016.


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