North Korea is Ready for Nuclear War

North Korea Threatens US -- Amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, North Korea has threatened South Korea of ​​imminent attacks and warned that it could hit the United States with nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un said that Pyongyang would not stand idly in the face of “mad dogs”, apparently reacting to the mention by President Barack Obama of a possible collapse of his regime, said Saturday the official news agency of the Hermit Kingdon.

Kim Jong-Un made these statements during a review of a joint exercise by the country’s naval and air forces, according to the North Korean news agency KCNA. KCNA, however, did not specify the date of the exercise. “He solemnly declared that it is out of question to sit back with mad dogs barking openly they will make the regime fall by introducing changes to the socialist system, a cradle that our people consider as more important than their own lives,”said the KCNA.

The leader added that North Korea was ready for “any war including a war with conventional forces and nuclear war,” according to the KCNA. In an interview on YouTube on January 22, President Barack Obama had mentioned a possible collapse of the North Korean regime. North Korea is “the most isolated, the most penalized and most hermetic nation of Earth,” Obama said. But ultimately, the internet will reach this country and the “regime collapse will collapse,” the President explained.

Last Sunday, a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry described the remarks as “nonsense.” “Obama’s recent delusional comments are only poor grunts of a loser,” he said, quoted by the KCNA.

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