Lexington fans arrested: 31 Kentucky Wildcat fans arrested for rioting over a basketball game

Lexington fans arrested

Lexington fans arrested – Dozens of people have been arrested after Kentucky fans set fires when their college basketball team crashed out of the NCAA tournament.

After the University of Kentucky Men’s basketball team lost to the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday (April 4), hordes of angry fans took to the streets of Lexington. In the end, 31 people were arrested while at Wisconsin the scene was reportedly calm in comparison.

Kentucky fans were shocked as the previously undefeated team looked to be a lock to win it all after its stellar year. Boasting a 38-0 record, nothing suggested that the Wildcats would lose to the Badgers that night. Wisconsin won the game 74-61, and the National College Player Of The Year Frank Kaminsky led all scorers with 20 points.

The Courier-Journal reports that the Kentucky students swarmed Lexington fueled by alcohol and rage, lighting fires and shouting obscene chants against the Badgers. Public intoxication and disorderly conduct were the charges handed down by Lexington police.

“This was a citywide effort to clear this situation … it really requires the whole city to come together in situations like these,” said Lexington Police Department spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts in an interview with NBC News.

Roberts said the crowd set fire to multiple objects and several people had minor injuries that required a trip to the hospital.


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