Sixth Suspect Arrested in Connection With Kenyan University Massacre

Kenyan University Massacre

Kenyan police arrested a sixth suspect allegedly  involved in the massacre on April 2 by an Islamist commando at the University of Garissa (east) and are currently interrogating five Kenyans and Tanzanians, according to a document released tuesday by the police.

This court has also extended to 30 days the custody of five Kenyan suspects – brought before the Court – and a Tanzanian, also being questioned by police in Garissa, granting a request from the police.

So far, the Kenyan authorities had reported that the arrest of five suspects and had disclosed the nationalities of two of them, Kenyan and Tanzanian. “The police need to hold them for more time to conclude the investigation” and to determine the exact criminal charges, the lawyer of the State told the court. “Forensic examinations are ongoing, including analysis of data from their phones which revealed that they were in constant communication with the attackers during the attack,” he continued.

The six suspects are believed to have provided support to the Islamist commando which stormed the university on Thursday at dawn, shooting randomly at people they met. According to an official report, the attack made 148 dead, 142 students, three soldiers and three policemen.


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