Apple No Longer Selling Its First Generation iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini – Launched in October 2012, the first generation of iPad Mini was still in Apple’s catalog… until Friday. Without ceremony, flowers or wreaths, Apple has withdrawn the outdated tablet from sale on its online store.

The iPad mini 1G was the last model of his generation with a standard screen (not Retina) and a 32-bit processor A5. Now all tablets sold by Apple include a high resolution display equipped with a 64 bit processor.

The continued presence of the iPad mini, even after the launch of the third version in October, was a bit incongruous. Obviously, Apple wanted to sell the remaining stocks before moving on.

As for the future, a new tablet should soon see the light of day! Apple is believed to be working on surface competitor that could be called the iPad Pro, with a 12 or 13 inch screen.

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