SF Tourist Shooting: Woman Shot Dead in Random Shooting in San Francisco, Shooter Arrested

SF tourist shooting

SF Tourist Shooting — Investigators say that the woman who was shot and killed Wednesday night while visiting San Francisco’s Embarcadero was the victim of a random act of violence.

32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, of San Francisco, was walking along the dock at Pier 14 around 6:30 p.m. with her father and a family friend.  Her father had his arm around her the moment the gunman opened fire.

Steinle was shot in the upper torso.

There was no communication between the suspect and the victim, according to SFPD Sgt. Michael Andraychak.

SFPD officers quickly rendered aid until medics arrived on scene and immediately transported her to San Francisco General Hospital where she died.

Police detained a person of interest at Pier 40 about a mile from the shooting scene. He was not in possession of a weapon at the time of arrest.

“After flooding the area with officers in search of this person of interest, officers were later able to locate this subject on the corner of Embarcadero and Townsend,” police said.

During a press conference on Thursday afternoon, police confirmed that the suspect, 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez, of Texas, had no connection to Steinle.

Sanchez has been arrested for homicide, according to police.

The investigation remains open, Andraychak said, and investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting.

According to Andraychak, Sanchez, who has no listed address in San Francisco, is on probation in Texas. It is unknown how long the suspect was in San Francisco before the shooting.

On Thursday, SFPD bomb squad divers working at Pier 14 reportedly recovered a firearm that may have been used in the shooting, according to sources.

Andraychak said her family wanted the police department to relay a message to the public, expressing their gratitude to all the Good Samaritans who tried to help their daughter following the shooting and to all those who provided police with information about the suspect.

The safety of this busy tourist area was further brought into question Thursday when two television news crews that were covering the homicide at the pier at about 6 a.m. were robbed of their video cameras at gunpoint by three suspects, one of them wearing a ski mask.

Despite the homicide and the armed robberies of the camera crew, Andraychak stood on the pier Thursday and said “This is a very safe place to be.” However, he encouraged anyone who sees something or someone out of place to report it.

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