Michio Oikawa, Masayuki Kobayashi: Remains of Japanese Climbers Who Disappeared in 1970 Identified

Japanese Climbers

Michio Oikawa Masayuki Kobayashi — The bodies of two Japanese climbers have been identified 45 years after their disappearance at the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps, reports the Swiss newspaper Le Nouvelliste (French), Thursday, August 6th. They made a fatal fall on August 18, 1970.

Their bodies were not found until September 2014, when a climber discovered bones at the foot of the neighboring Matterhorngletscher. The genetic material in the human remains was compared to the DNA of both victims. The first has been formally identified by a Swiss forensic doctor on June 11th and the second on July 20th.

Last Time Seen at 4200 Meters of Altitude

According to Le Nouvelliste, the remains are those of Miskio Oikawa, 21 at the time, and Masayuki Kobayashi, 23. The newspaper, citing reports from 1970, indicates that the two Japanese men were seen for the last time at 4200 above sea level on the north face of the Matterhorn, before a storm.

A few days after initial reports of their disappearance, a helmet belonging to one of the two climbers was discovered about fifty meters from the summit, shattering the hope of seeing them alive.


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