More than 30 Volkswagen Executives Involved in Cheating Scandal


The manipulation by Volkswagen of its diesel engines involved much more people than the “small group” incriminated by management of the manufacturer, said Wednesday the German website Der Spiegel, citing at least 30 people.

“This figure has no basis”, however, reacted to Journalists a spokesman for Volkswagen.

Skoda, a subsidiary of the automotive juggernaut, for its part, announced Wednesday the departure of its boss Winfried Vahland, at the request of the latter.

Mr. Vahland was appointed to take the reins of Volkswagen in North America, where the scandal erupted. It will not happen, says Skoda in a press release, due to “divergent views on the organization” in North America. “This decision is in no way related to the current problem of the diesel engines,” the statement said.

Immediately after the revelations about the engines, the head of Volkswagen Winterkorn has announced his resignation and is to be replaced by the head of the subsidiary Porsche, Matthias Müller.

Preliminary results of the investigation conducted in parallel by the Volkswagen and an American law firm to establish accountability in the case, suggest that the “emission fraud was not the act of a small group of managers, as the company claimed,” writes Spiegel. “Several dozen Volkswagen managers were involved, people familiar with the case inside VW talk of at least 30 people,” the magazine said. “They must be suspended.”

Volkswagen confessed last month to have installed on the engine of 11 million vehicles of various makes a software capable of distorting the results of emission tests.

Volkswagen promised to shed light on the case, but limited its investigation to a  “small group of people”, some of whom have already been laid off. Among them, according to the German press, the director of technology at Audi, and Porsche. Volkswagen has not confirmed the identity of the suspects.


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