Microsoft Releases First Major Update to Windows 10

windows 10

Four months after the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is pushing its first major update for its latest operating system. The information gathered in recent months have helped to address many of the bugs found in the initial release.

Before the launch of Windows 10, a few million users have put together information to Microsoft to help improve the system. Since then, over 110 million people have downloaded the new system. The release of the Noverber update, formerly called “Threshold 2”, now puts both testers and usual users on an equal footing, since Microsoft has integrated most of the features of the insider version into the “stable and consumer” version of Windows 10.

It is likely that Microsoft will deliver later patches to fix some bugs, as was already the case since the release of Windows 10. Indeed, Microsoft has already released a patch to fix the bug that affected the Mail application. However, one could also consider that this update in November is mainly a promotional event for Microsoft. Indeed, only 110 million people have upgraded to the new operating system, which, according to Net Applications, represents less than 8% of the PC market.

New Skills for Cortana

According to our colleague at PCWorld, Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana, is not being used on the desktop as much as the company had hoped for. To make it more popular, the company added three skills to the assistant: first, Cortana is now able to provide automatic monitoring of video, and pay entertainment services with the user’s email address; Then, it can now understand “handwritten” notes; Finally, it is now possible to use Cortana to add items to PDF files. Monitoring of entertainment brings an original touch to Cortana, compared to what Google Now and Siri are able to do. And in terms of the ability to understand the handwritten notes, the function can be very handy for those who frequently use a Surface tablet. In addition, the ability to highlight a term in a legal case or during the negotiation of a loan with a banker can also be particularly useful.

“Snapping” even more responsive

Snap is one of the real successes of Windows 10: by simply pressing the Windows key and an arrow, it is possible to immediately halve or even quarter the size of a highlighted window. But if one wanted to realign the window, you had to resize and reposition manually each open window one by one. But with the last update of Windows 10, one can move back and forth to resize the windows to the desired width by using the controls. The function is quite subtle and very useful. Finally, in tablet mode, it is now possible to reposition apps left and right. It is also possible to close the apps by dragging them down, a feature already found in Windows 8.

These are only the most remarkable features of this update, but there is much more to discover. If you have Windows 10, head to settings and upgrade, and download the new update.

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