Chicago 10 Shootings a Day: Gun Violence Spikes in Chicago with Average of 10 Shootings a Day

Chicago 10 Shootings a Day

Chicago 10 Shootings a Day — Chicago is known for many things. It’s the home city of several of high profile government officials such as current US president Barack Obama. However, the windy city is also known for its unflattering and seemingly unstoppable problem of gun violence.

Recently, Chicago has seen a massive increase in the number of shootings and murders within its borders. New statistics released Friday show there is an average of 10 shootings a day in Chicago. 355 shootings and 429 shooting victims were recorded in June. There were also 72 murders last month, up from 46 in June of 2015, marking a 46 percent increase. The violence mainly involves conflicts between rival gangs.

Earlier this year the violence in the city has also spiked. No fewer than 51 murders were committed in the month of January 2016 in the third-largest US city, against only 29 a year earlier. The city also saw 292 gunshot victims in 242 shootings in January, nearly double compared to the same month last year. Chicago, which has 2.7 million inhabitants, has seen a 12% increase in the number of shootings in 2015, for a total of 2,084, according to police. In all, 407 people were killed by gunfire last year, against only 352 for example in New York, which has 8.5 million inhabitants.

Still, the streets of Chicago are safer than they were in the 1990s, at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, when over 900 people were killed in a single year. The figures have been around 450 to 500 murders per year in Chicago since 2004. Preliminary statistics for the country as a whole show for the first half of 2015, a 6.2% increase in the number of killings and an increase of 1 7% of the number of violent crimes, according to the FBI.

Each year, over 30 000 people are killed by gunfire in the USA. No other rich country knows this level of gun crime – by far.


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