Jenni Rivera: Victims of Crash that Cost Jenni Rivera’s Life Compensated

Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera died almost four years ago. Victims of the accident that cost her life have finally been compensated.

Indeed, during the plane crash which cost her life, the singer was accompanied by an army of assistants.

Four years after the plane crash that claimed the death to the singer Jenni Rivera and four members of her professional team, the victims’ families have finally been given some compensation. In December 2012, the Mexican-American star who sold more than twenty million albums worldwide died with her manager Arturo Rivera, her makeup artist Yebela Jacobo, her hairdresser Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez and her lawyer Mario Macias Pacheco. Relatives of the deceased had then filed a complaint against the private jet company Starwood, accusing it of responsibility in the accident.

According to information from the TMZ, the business owners just been sentenced to pay no less than $ 70 million in damages to the entourage of the singer. Relatives of the latter, who have put to sale her sumptuous villa, are also struggling with the company for substantial compensation. The singer known as the Diva of the Banda was at her peak at the time of her death. Pop star, she was also a star of the small screen and was exceptional in this area mostly dominated by men.

Jenni Rivera, died at the age of 43. She left behindd five children: Janer said Chiquis, 29, Jacquie, 24, and Michael, 23 years, from his first marriage with Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenicka, 17, and Johnny, 13, born of the second marriage of the star with Juan López.


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