Trump Supporter Jacob Monty Jumps Ship after Trump’s Immigration Speech

Trump policy shop collapse

Jacob Monty Trump  — Following his speech on Wednesday night, many Hispanic supporters of Donald Trump are jumping ship, including Jacob Monty a previously fierce supporter of the republican candidate.

Donald Trump tried on Wednesday to consolidate his statesman stature, following his meeting with the Mexican president, but the virulence of his speech against illegal immigrants contrasted with his desire to expand his electoral base.

Is it a clever political strategy? On one side win his diplomatic stripes while ensuring the loyalty of the Conservatives? Or has Donald Trump flinched under pressure from moderate republicans to ease his position on immigration?

Wednesday’s speech in Phoenix, in any case, will remain as the speech of denunciation of the 11 million illegal immigrants accused of stealing jobs from Americans and who can be, for some, dangerous criminals.

The Republican candidate for the White House has not committed to forcibly deport all undocumented, perhaps recognizing the logistical challenge that such an operation would be. Priority will be to remove criminals and offenders, as well as visitors who exceeded their visa and those receiving social benefits, he said, promising additional resources to police and border patrol.

But he ruled out any possibility of regularization, although he briefly mentioned such an option last week. In practice this would mean the extension of the status quo for these people, of a Mexican majority, who have been waiting for years or even decades to become legal.

A majority of Americans nevertheless favors immigration reform. The leaders of the Republican Party, after the presidential defeat in 2012, had also tried to lead the party towards a more conciliatory position, in order to regain the trust of the Hispanic electorate, but this opening faced opposition from the ultra-conservative Tea Party branch of the party.

Today, some 77% of voters are in favor of some form of regularization for illegal immigrants, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday. In July 2015, they were 64%. Four years ago, it was only a half.

“There is a relaxation”, nevertheless assured Donald Trump on Thursday on the radio show of Laura Ingraham Show. “We will do this in a very human way.” He stressed that a decision would be made later on the illegals who are not a priority, “Once everything is stabilized,” he said.

“We hoped that Mr. Trump had a concrete plan to stop future illegal immigration while providing a realistic solution for those living here without status,” responded Todd Schulte, president of the organization, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and other Silicon Valley bosses. “Unfortunately, Mr. Trump has failed on both counts.”

The speech cost him a first defection: a member of a pro-Trump Hispanic Committee, Jacob Monty, according to Politico. Another pro-Latin Trump conservative, Alfonso Aguilar, wrote on Twitter that he felt “disappointed and cheated”.

Democrats also took the opportunity to criticize Mr Trump, claiming that he is unable to change.

“He made a speech that resembles the speeches given throughout our history against the Irish, against immigrants of Italian origin, against the Jews of Eastern Europe. They would all be criminals who do horrible things and we must expel them,” said on MSNBC Tim Kaine, running mate of Hillary Clinton.

Thursday during a speech to the American Legion, a large veterans organization, Donald Trump took over the tone of a future commander in chief.

“We can work together to accomplish great things for our two countries,” he said, repeating that his goal was to preserve “jobs and wealth in our hemisphere.”

During his visit to Mexico, Donald Trump avoided talking about the building of a wall on the southern border, which has become a central point of his plans. He told a joint press conference with Mr. Peña Nieto that the subject had not been discussed.

But the Mexican President then stated that he had warned Donald Trump, in private, that his country would not pay.


Garucho, with multilingual abilities, covers international stories for The Cubic Lane. On the side, he enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures.

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  • Charles Ford

    I guess those who don’t want uphold the law, and put the interests of Illegals over American Citizens are upset, good, it they don’t like that, they can always go back to whatever rat hole third world country they feel so much kindred too.

    • Desjay Desjay

      That would include you Charles, unless you’re a Native American

  • Joseph Sanchez

    Warched trump give his immigration scream last night.He screwed up the Mexico visit.Now in a Twitter war with Nieto. He gives a hate speech in Arizona and tells a radio station today he’s softening and gonna be humane.What the hell is with this lunatic.Totally unfit to be President.

    • Lady

      Approved and paid for by the Muslim Brother Hood…the true haters.

    • Charles Ford

      What’s the matter, aren’t your papers in order, and you’re going to be on the Trump deportation train, bye bye cockroach!

  • Shh most bad illegals come by way of air and boat. But don’t tell Trump.

    • Robert Chambers

      Maybe you should take a trip to the border to see for yourself

      • Lady

        Good one! I have lived in border towns most of my life and ILLEGALS come across any way they can, mostly walking and swimming.

      • They can scurry over walls and scurry through tunnels too.

  • GreggorytheGreat

    Monty was a Clinton operative and wanted to sink the candidate from within and his true colors came out of the wash. Good riddens Monty.

  • cyborg_destruct

    If EVERYONE doesn’t get behind Trump there is a possibility that Clinton could win and America, as an entire nation, would slowly sink into a third world country. That is the same type of country the legitimate immigrants came from.

    • Lady

      Yes, they don’t want to put the work into their own country and make it work, instead they want to come here ILLEGALLY and not be responsible for the mess back in their own country while wanting America to follow their culture, their laws. Assimilate or get out.

      • Desjay Desjay

        Kind of like Christians insisting America change to follow their religion huh?

    • Brandon Says

      You sound ridiculously. The president doesn’t have much power; it won’t make a difference whether Hilary or Donald is president at this point.

      • Menschmachine

        If it really doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t mind Trump being the president.

      • TheFirstRule

        Umm, perhaps you failed to notice how the four liberal justices voted in the Heller case.

      • CaptnObvius

        Out of all the statements I’ve heard about elections, that right there is as ridiculous as they get.. Sorry dude, but get a clue..

      • CPANDF

        it does matter . what happened? Did we raise a nation of imbeciles?

      • Desjay Desjay

        Apparently, I mean, look how many people are voting for Trump

      • CaptnObvius

        Yep, and the rest of them that are voting for clinton are the imbeciles alright.. A veteran of pure politics that’s been fighting her heart out for 50 years without accomplishing a single thing.. That way at least you know you’re voting for a proven political liar, and a definition of hypocrite.. Someone that planted a very public smooch on the cheek of the Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, that just happened to be a lifelong democrat, and in the Senate until 2010.. You know, all typical democrat stuff..

      • YoOleMe

        … you need to visit our planet more often!!!!

      • stan

        Do Supreme Court Justice appointments (at least 3, perhaps 4) mean anything to you??? How about the lawless and bastardized use of ‘Executive Orders’ as implement by the current occupant of the White House?

    • wizz

      People said the same thing when obama was president but where still a first world country so…

    • Desjay Desjay

      Except it’s the Republicans who are trying to turn America in the World’s Trailer Park, by cutting education, denying science, ignoring evolution in favor of the Creation story, trying to turn the labor laws back to the late 1800’s and trying to turn us into a Christian Theocracy.

      • CaptnObvius

        For god’s sake will you seminar reading party line toting robot trolls get over it!! What you’re posting is ridiculously stupid and outright bullshlt it gets tiring to even entrtain you fidiots any more.. You haven’t got a goddamned clue what you’re talking about..
        allahu fubar

      • Desjay Desjay

        Complaining about people complaining, that’s a new one on the internet /s

      • CaptnObvius

        Yeah, doesn’t change the fact that everything you posted is a bullshlt lie now does it.. Calling that out isn’t complaining.. I do get angry at complete intentional dishonesty, which you are more than willing to employ obviously..

      • Desjay Desjay

        Nothing I posted was a lie.
        Obviously you must watch Faux Noise

      • CaptnObvius

        You cannot find viable evidence to support even a single thing you posted.. You fidiots all do the same thing.. It’s a game with you isn’t it, since you don’t have to deal with reality as long as mom’s payin the bills.. It’s such pathetic punch line democrap it’s maddening..

      • Desjay Desjay

        Are you serious?
        Actually I suspect you are, you must watch Faux Noise, you know, the channel that shows riots in Wisconsin, even though the footage has Palm Trees in it.
        The channel that edits their graphs and removes the x or y axes values so they can manipulate the data to their liking.

        You haven’t supplied any evidence to disprove anything I’ve posted, however, I see you added an ad hominem at the end, which means you don’t have anything to back up your claims either, you just came here to say “NO IT’S NOT” and insult me


        Good Day, you’ve lost this one

      • Desjay Desjay

        “Trying to turn the labor laws back to late 1800s”

        Take a look at what Walker is doing in Wisconsin, those nicely named “Right To Work” laws basically eliminate workers rights

        “Denying Science” – Donald Trumps VP candidate wants to teach the Bible Creation story instead of science in school and he believes the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

        “Christians turning us into a theocracy” – Every chance they get, they try to claim that this country is a Christian Nation, and that the Constitution is based on the 10 commandments,

      • CaptnObvius

        Haaahahahahaha.. Honestly, you buy the “slate,” party line crap?? Go ahead you ignorant troll.. I’m done.. You’re too predictable now..

      • Desjay Desjay

        Aaaaand there you go, you have absolutely no counterargument, so you do what all Conservative Faux Noise watchers do, you resort to ad hominems, and then play “Pigeon Chess” in that you lose the game, kick over all the pieces, shit on the board, and then declare yourself the winner.

        Not ONCE did you provide any counterargument to my claims, all you did was call me names and call me a troll, rather than actually discuss, LIKE AND ADULT, anything I’ve been talking about.
        You’d be better informed, and able to take part in an intelligent, adult discussion if you stopped watching Faux Noise.

      • CPANDF

        there are only 2 words to describe your comment. BULL SHIT

      • Desjay Desjay

        LOL, go back to watching Faux Noise

      • Desjay Desjay

        Also, Bullshit is one word.
        You must be a Conservative if you can’t spell, that shows that Conservative policies of defunding our educational system is working.

      • CaptnObvius

        It wasn’t meant to be one word you pompous PAMF.. It was meant to emphasize the worth of your statement.. And it was accurate.. Since the education system has been completely controlled by democrats and their money laundering arm, the teachers union, for 40 years, it’s become that much harder for pamfs to communicate via the written word.. Explains why your comments are short and ignorant..

      • Desjay Desjay

        Completely controlled by Democrats?
        Turn off the Faux Noise and back away from the TV.
        It’s Republicans who are continuously cutting educational funding, because they know that the Conservative voting demographic is Uneducated White Males.
        You see, the Republicans keep giving money to the rich, and taking it from the poor, (as exemplified in the article quoted below, where the Republican Governor gave the rich a bunch of tax cuts, and cut educational funding in order to compensate) that’s why cutting educational funding is so popular with them, because they can get poor uneducated people to continue to vote against their interests for them.
        Just take a look at how well the Educational system in Kansas, under a REPUBLICAN.

        “Kansas has become the epicenter of a new battle over the states’
        obligation to adequately fund public education. Even though the state
        Constitution requires that it make “suitable provision” for financing
        public education, Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican-led Legislature have made draconian cuts in school spending, leading to a lawsuit that now sits before the state Supreme Court.

        Kansas’ current constitutional crisis has its genesis in a series of cuts to
        school funding that began in 2009. The cuts were accelerated by a $1.1 billion tax break, which benefited mostly upper-income Kansans, proposed by Governor Brownback and enacted in 2012.

        Overall, the Legislature slashed public education funding
        to 16.5 percent below the 2008 level, triggering significant program
        reductions in schools across the state. Class sizes have increased,
        teachers and staff members have been laid off, and essential services
        for at-risk students were eliminated, even as the state implemented
        higher academic standards for college and career readiness.

        Parents filed a lawsuit in the Kansas courts to challenge the cuts. In Gannon v. State of Kansas, a three-judge trial court ruled in January 2013 for the parents, finding that the cuts reduced per-pupil expenditures far below a level “suitable” to educate all children under Kansas’ standards.

        The judges also found that the Legislature was not meeting even the basic funding amounts set in its own education cost studies. The judges called the school funding cut “destructive of our children’s future.”

      • CaptnObvius

        Every word you cut and pasted here is utter bullshlt.. Understand one thing dumbass, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.. Mark Twain said that.. You are choosing to propagate a complete lie.. Good luck with that..

      • willijeb

        Thank you Desjay Desjay, The republicans are attacking public education in an effort to advance the voucher program. This program is a shill for the privatization of education. Once privatized, they can then control who gets a level of education adequate enough to allow the marginalized to move through the levels of society. If we take the time to see who they favor now, we can easily understand the ramifications. If they accomplish that plan, imagine what they will do to the poor and disenfranchised in this country.

      • Shill

        Are you paid to type these things?

      • Desjay Desjay

        No, I was just stating some facts.
        Go take a look at what the Republicans are doing to Kansas
        Or take a look at what Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin

      • willijeb

        I’m late to the party, but, Desjay Desjay is absolutely correct. Whether he is paid or not, he is telling the truth. That is the point that matters. I would love to hear one of you explain how the points Desjay Desjay made are anything but accurate and helpful to people who want to be informed about the world around them and how it came to be and where it is going.

    • Michelle

      Oh, she is going to win. It’s not going to sink in a 3rd world and Trump does not know what he is doing. He is entertainment at this point. He’s not going to be president. He talks about how bad of shape the country is in because he looks at the way he lives as opposed to the average American and he can’t believe it. He’s wealthy. Of course the average American’s quality of life is going to look bad to him. Plus, that’s the #1 rule of advertising. Make people feel bad about themselves and make them believe you have what they need. That’s what advertising and selling things is all about. That’s what he’s doing. He’s selling himself to the American people but he’s not qualified to be president.

      • Bill Burke

        I approve of this statement.

    • Tom Blackstone

      If you think Clinton is going to turn the U.S.A. into a third-world country, you’d better vote for Johnson – because there’s no way that Trump can win. You can’t win a Presidential election by carrying only red states.

  • tork

    Trump is a hater. He wants a white rich America. But what is worse than Him is the idiots supporting Him.

    • Lady

      And you are approved and paid for by that big big rich thing called…Clinton Foundation.

      • Bill Burke

        Well.. that was uncalled for. (lol) No seriously you are no lady.

      • Lady


  • Lady

    And your candidate???????

    • ErikKC2

      Tu quoque.

      Let’s see those tax returns.

  • Menschmachine

    Hey everybody, don’t vote for Trump because he looks funny. The BEST candidate is the 68 year old grossly negligent pathological liar, who’s on blood thinners to keep from having another brain blood clot, who has seizures on camera, who made $150 million selling State Department decisions, who has to be held up by both arms to keep from falling over, and is frequently confused, because her genitalia is shaped differently from a man’s!

    • John Smith

      What you just described is Trump. I don’t get it.

    • commonsense

      Sorry but your hero Reagan is not running..

  • tork

    your very funny for a misogynistic little boy. Does your mommy know you are using her computer?

    • Menschmachine

      I see you are not afraid to show the world you are an idiot.

      • Bill Burke

        I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, I try not to upset the mentally ill.

  • How this megalomaniac has gotten this far baffles and astounds me. People are too bloody stupid to actually see the joke that is Donald Drumpf and continue to believe he wants what is best for this country. He is so full of shit its coming out his ears. This is nothing but another accomplishment for his egocentric trophy room. Seriously, he is just as much a threat to civilization as ISIS and people are buying it and eating it up with a fork and spoon not realizing they just bought swampland in Florida. Seriously, I weep for this nation and the path we are currently on but I have a sinking suspicion that if Trump pulls this off, the actual people that run this government will pull another Kennedy assassination. He is too much a threat.

    • Desjay Desjay

      Republicans this election cycle are proving that the Comedy movie called “Idiocracy” is actually a Documentary.
      In Idiocracy, they had a Professional Wrestler as President.
      In reality, the first person to make a speech at the RNC was a Professional wrestler, and the Republican Presidential candidate is not only a Reality TV star, but was also in the World Wrestling Federation for a while.

  • tork

    you must watch John Oliver too

    • Menschmachine

      I know, you just want to see Bill back in the Oral Office.

      • Desjay Desjay

        Better a president getting head in the office, rather than screwing all of us Americans in the arse like Reagan and Bush did.

      • Charles Ford

        Shut up snail!

  • Desjay Desjay

    I’m wondering what Charles and your background is, what country did your family originally come from to live here in America?
    Because we ALL did at some point, and not all of us did it legally.

    • Charles Ford

      Part of my Family came over on the Mayflower, and came legally, what about you, you leftwing snark, what border did you sneak across?

      • commonsense

        Pilgrims weren’t legal. If it weren’t for Massasoit, they would have all been slaughtered. His Son, King Philips tried to deport all of them back to Europe.

  • Desjay Desjay

    No, Atheists and Secularists are TRYING to mind their own business, while Christians are busy trying to get laws passed based on the bible, that deny people their constitutional rights under the guise of “Religious Freedom”, and Christians are also trying to get laws passed that gives them EXTRA rights under the law, that allows them to discriminate and equal rights to others.
    You can stop with your “Persecution Complex” now, it’s Christians who are constantly trying to mess with the laws that give them the advantage.

    Meanwhile, some religious kook gets a huge tax break for build a fairy tale boat in Kentucky.

  • Desjay talking about when Europeans first came to America and kicked out the Indians and even Spaniards forced locals to convert you know where Mexico is located, (Ignore user name since using fake account ;p)

  • Desjay Desjay

    I never said it was a problem.
    You seem to only be capable of focusing on that one phrase though, that sounds like a phrase Ann Coulter used to parrot all the time, and I should know, back when I was brainwashed and watched Fox News, I would parrot that exact phrase too.

    • Charles Ford

      Looked at some of your posts, you are a leftwing cockroach, a real douchenozzle, you’r edismissed rodent!

  • Desjay Desjay

    No, LGBT aren’t asking for “Exclusive Rights” they are asking for EQUAL rights.

    I love the fact that since you have nothing to actually refute my argument you need to resort to ad hominems.

    The Gay marriage bill allowed the LGBT community to have EQUAL rights, rights that EVERYBODY ELSE HAS, that is NOT “Exclusive Rights”, “exclusive Rights” would be what Christians want, by trying to eliminate Equal rights by trying to get rid of the Gay Marriage bill.

  • Desjay Desjay

    How many people were murdered by Christians since Christianity started?
    Ask the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs what they think of Christianity, oh wait, you can’t…..they were all wiped out by Christianity.
    Millions of people are dying annually of AIDS in Africa because Christian Missionaries are telling them that using Condoms causes AIDS.

    The Inquisition, the Crusades, The Salem Witch Trials the list goes on and on, just read the bible if you want even more Genocide

  • Desjay Desjay

    You must be a conservative, because you completely ignored all of m facts in favor of your Persecution Complex brought on by Faux Noise.
    I used to watch that crap too, until I turned it off and realized that they weren’t telling me the truth

  • Desjay Desjay

    Haha, and there you go, just like I used to do when I was a Faux Noise watching Zombie, resort to personal attacks, because I got all my (mis)info from Faux Noise.
    As a Faux Noise watcher I could never come up with anything FACTUAL for my arguments, so I would resort to name calling.
    Thanks for resorting to the ad hominems, it proves that I have indeed won, as you have absolutely NOTHING to back up what you say.

    Good Day sir. Oh, and try and turn off the Faux Noise for a year or so, it will restore your cognitive skills

  • Desjay Desjay

    LOL, thanks for playing.

    As usual the Conservative has no facts to back him up, so he has to resort to 3rd grade name calling
    :golf clap:

    And this people, is a representative of someone who is voting for Trump.
    Has no facts, and resorts to name calling.

    Good day

  • CaptnObvius

    Be careful here.. This site is full of trolls that have no writing skills whatsoever and the content of their writing is as poor as their grammar.. For schooling on stupid, just follow this thread..

  • Ryanmcel

    God Democrats are so stupid. They say everything is the same as another thing that makes completely no sense. The Irish, Jews, and Italians did not come here illegally-that’s the difference. That’s why illegal Mexicans ARE criminals. That’s why it’s not OK to commit a felony, and have illegal Mexicans speak at your speech, as Hilary did. Get the difference!?


    this is the headline? we have cretins in ‘journalism’ and i use the word loosely

    • Desjay Desjay

      Said the guy who can’t even figure out how to get “the newsfeed off his browser”


    how do i get this news feed off my browser? Time to dump the browser?

    • Desjay Desjay

      Hit Alt+F4, that should fix it.

  • Desjay Desjay

    Actually State College, but keep on trying to insult me, it’s ALL you have left, seeing as you’re incapable of having any type of meaningful ADULT dialogue where I present an opinion and you present a counter opinion that doesn’t include the word “leftard” or “moron”

    Anyway, you’ve come to the discussion unarmed, and as I said before, Good day, it’s really boring reading your very sad attempts at trying to keep up with me, when you’re obviously not on the same cognitive level whatsoever.

  • Desjay Desjay

    LOL, wow, another well thought out Faux Noise watching Trump Voting comeback.

    Anyway, I’m done with you, at this point I could get more intelligent responses from a goldfish than what you’re managing to blurt out.

    Again, good day, try not to let those veins stick out on your forehead too much in your internet fury

  • Desjay Desjay

    “I would love to live and let live, as they say, but religious people won’t let us. It’s a two way street.
    Stop trying to control other people’s access to birth control, abortions, marriage, proper science education, proper sex ed, etc. and we’d simply be happy to go on with our lives.
    I want you to understand that EVERYTHING WE DO IS A RESPONSE TO WHAT YOU DO.
    If you stopped trying to take away our freedoms and force us to be a part of your belief system, we will gladly leave you well enough alone. But you don’t, so we can’t”

    ~ Dave Muscato, PR Director for American Atheists

  • Desjay Desjay

    That’s because you don’t have anything to add except insults.
    Also, you obviously didn’t understand the irony that I pointed out with my post as it must’ve gone completely over your head, that Christianity pretty much committed genocide and even biological warfare to take this country for themselves, yet you don’t seem to have a problem with that.

  • peter

    america first,who cares if this texmex leaves whats he going to do when trump wins jump the wall.

  • commonsense

    And how many people of color are being persecuted in this country? Pick a color, any color..

  • commonsense

    Funny.. I don’t remember giving you a legal passport to my land paleface.. There’s no such thing as a “lawful American citizen” except Native Americans.. You’re living on stolen land.

  • commonsense

    And you’re stupid.. Native Americans have been in America for over 50k years.. about the same time your knuckle dragging ancestors were roaming around europe.

  • commonsense

    Too funny.. i’m not the one speaking BS as fact.. maybe if you shut your
    mouth and do some real research, maybe crack open a book or two instead
    of listening to clowns like chump, you’d learn something new and become

    • Charles Ford

      Listen you grade Z buffoon, we are talking about “today” and about a Nation of Laws, not the Pilgrims coming here and dealing with tribal savages.

      The American Indians were slaughtering each other and taking the survivors a slaves a thousand years before the white man arrived.

      The Sioux were originally from the mid west states until driven out by other tribes, the noble Red Man, mounted on a Horse, didn’t even have a horse until the Whiteman brought them here.

      The Native Americans were living like Cro-magnon, man until whitey came and forced civilization on them. No different then how the Roman Army forced civilization on the tribes of Europe and Britain.

      So please spare us your pinhead, fantasy world leftwing bullshit

      • Common sense

        Ah the neanderthal speaks.. let’s get your facts straight knuckle dragger.. natives were not slaughtering each other until you dirty Europeans started stealing our lands and food sources.. you dirty Europeans brought horses.. I’ll grant ya that..actually it was the spanish.. but you also brought rats and desease like syphilis too.. You pigs never bathed and you stank. You beloved constitution is based on our laws.. so get educated you stupid colonial… and f ya…

      • Common sense

        So the knuckledragger speaks… Lol How many countries have Native Americans usurped? The only savages are you and your ilk by “forcing your civilization” on others. When you colonials first arrived, you didn’t even bathe. Your ships brought rats and you colonials brought syphilis. You raped and killed for sport, destroying nations all around the world. People like you are a cancer on this planet and should be exterminated.

      • Charles Ford

        If you hate Whitey so much, may I suggest you show us the courage your

        Abandon everything thing in your pathetic life that is the product of the
        White Man’s mind.

        Planes,Trains, Cars, public transportation, TV, Radio, telephones, cell
        phones, microwaves, WiFi, computers, internet, indoor plumbing, men
        on the moon, modern science and medicine, etc. etc. etc.

        Book yourself a one way flight back to your ‘ROOTS’, strip yourself naked,
        put a bone through your nose, grab a spear and wander off into the
        jungle, where you obviously belong!

      • Common sense

        Well dumbass.. my “Roots” are right here in America.. My family was here long before your colonial ancestors came here. I am indigenous and this is MY home. You are the illegal alien on my land. Take your dumbass back to your land where you belong. and you can take all that shit with ya.. We did just fine without it.

      • Charles Ford

        You and yours lost their chance at eviction, got your Cromagnon asses kicked in trying to do so! So live with it Tonto.

        BTW, you do know that Tonto in Spanish means “Fool”, don’t you?

  • Peter Musser

    Notice, how media, including, Bing, says NOTHING about “Latinos” who have opted for safety, prosperity, security, heritage, pedigree, peace, tranquility, pursuit of happiness rather than Mexican irredentism?

  • Derek S

    Mexicans should not be allowed to vote here. Go vote in your own country. The mexicans (and blacks for that matter) that are impoverished that are voting are voting for the wrong reasons. They will vote against trump because they are not very intelligent and easily swayed by the media that makes them think that trump hates mexicans. He speaks the truth and the mexicans don’t want to listen they just want to keep flooding in here and setting up shop smoking their pot and drinking tequila on their front lawns.

    I guess if I lived in a ball sucking country like mexico I would be running for the border too so I suppose I can’t blame them.

  • T S

    Criminals in prison don’t like people who favor enforcing the law, either.

  • DAND

    Reading the comments section it appears that this desjay person is a perfect “dumb o crat” (put it quote so he understands it was purposely misspelled).

    He regurgitates the rhetoric that is pumped out to him by liberal media instead of balancing it with conservative media to actually make up his own mind on topics.

    Last I knew, evolution was a theory – currently being taught in schools as FACT. Now how is that not a lie? The “creation story” (as he puts it) is just as viable and in many cases actually makes more logical sense to help cover the gaps in evolution.

    I challenge you to break free from the concept of “it was on the internet – it must be true” and come up with an original idea for yourself.

  • Bill Burke

    Sometimes we must do what right even if it breaks the current law. Most illegals just want a better life. through out history, people were called criminals by people who were resistant to change.( remember the Boston Tea Party). People who want to keep the power for themselves use the current laws to bypass any compassion within themselves and become cruel, fearful and angry. Lets us view people as humans first

  • Bill Burke

    Bill Burke • 2 minutes ago
    Sometimes we must do what right even if it breaks the current law. Most illegals just want a better life. through out history, people were called criminals by people who were resistant to change.( remember the Boston Tea Party). People who want to keep the power for themselves use the current laws to bypass any compassion within themselves and become cruel, fearful and angry. Lets us view people as humans first

  • Desjay Desjay

    Here we go again.
    You respond with more name calling, rather than providing any ‘facts’ to refute ANY of my posts.
    You don’t even HAVE an educated counterargument or ANY facts to dispute what I’ve been posting.
    The only thing you have, is to call me names, and then make some hilarious claim that “I’m not being taken seriously in this thread”, in yet ANOTHER sad attempt to try and STOP me from having an opinion by trying to convince me that my opinion is “unpopular”, and that YOU somehow have numbers on your side, and that EVERYBODY in the thread is ON YOUR SIDE, and AGAINST ME.

    Do you even understand how far down the Piaget Childhood Cognitive Development Chain your responses are?

    Good lord, all I have done is responded to your questions/demands, and have given you a cogent argument, and all YOU conservatives can do in response is Call me names, basically say “NO IT’S NOT!” and claim that somehow, my opinion is in the minority in this thread.

    This is EXACTLY what I used to do when I watched Faux Noise!!!

    You don’t have a leg to stand on in defense of “Whatever your position is” (because you haven’t even provided YOUR Opinion, all you’ve done is attack me and try to stop me from posting), you haven’t contributed ONE INTELLIGENT RESPONSE to any of my posts….

    Seriously…..all of you Faux Noise viewers have been able to respond to me is, with Name-Calling and ridicule.

    Not ONE of you Faux Noise watching people have been able to refute ANYTHING I’ve said, so, instead you resort to Bullying, Attacking ME, and trying to stop me from commenting.

    None of you Faux Noise watchers as been able to even provide a counterpoint to what I’ve been saying, and instead you’ve all resorted to personal attacks, and trying to shame me into stop posting my opinion.

    Time after time I have posted facts, or at least Cited my sources, but all the Faux Noise watchers are capable of is responding with is “No it’s not!!! UR DUMB!!!”

  • Desjay Desjay

    Please point out where I’ve had my “Butt handed to me a hundred times over”

    All I see is a bunch of Faux Noise Watchers calling me names and yelling “No it’s not!!!”, without ever refuting ANY of the points I’ve been making.

    What you’re trying to do is called “Pigeon Chess”
    You lose, yet you claim victory.

    It’s hilarious that you claim I’ve lost, when I’m the only person that has actually provided a discussion, whereas all you’ve been able to do is call me names.

    C’mon, why aren’t you DESTROYING me with all those ‘facts’ that Hannity, Coulter, O’Rielly give you?
    Surely, what they say is true, so you should be able to shut me up just by posting FACTS from Faux Noise, and you woulnd’t have to resort to name-calling instead RIGHT?

  • Ro Lang

    And all this from a country of immigrants. Well I guess everyone may as well get used to being a 3rd world country as cyborg_destruct suggests…no way in hell is Dilligas Trump going to be elected. Why? Just look at him! Then look at the citizens of this country he has pissed on and off.

  • commonsense

    yes people of color.. there are 4 colors of people in the world, but many shades.. but your ignorant ass wouldn’t know that.

  • willijeb

    It’s a strategy used by the republican party daily to keep from dealing with the many unsavory issues brought up by Donald Trump. A reporter asks a question about Donald and before uttering three words the respondent invokes the name of Hillary Clinton. If republicans are backing Donald Trump for patriotic, uplifting reasons, why don’t they talk about all the workable plans he has for advancing the country’s fortunes? They could start by being honest about the accomplishments of President Obama. They all know that he has done a great job in office. They attack him and through that act, the American people are for their own gain and not that of the nation. Why would we vote for someone who can’t see reality?

  • willijeb

    BlackJackoo7, I agree with Desjay Desjay, you don’t actually give any evidence to back your claims. You really believe that we are as unintelligent as you appear to think we are? By the way, it’s obvious that you are a political activist for the republican party simply trying to sway opinion without revealing too much, thus the 007?

  • stan

    Yes, a magnificent manifestation of mental masturbation. We should elect the murderous, traitorous, lying , pampers wearing half dead zombie Hillary Clinton.

    She could open the floodgates to the 3rd world trash and have the United States reduced to a $hit-hole like Mexico in a few short months.

    Great plan.