12-Year-Old Boy Admitted to the University of Waterloo


The University of Waterloo, one of the highest rated in Canada, welcomes this autumn a young Indonesian boy of only 12 years. After the results of entrance examinations, he has already been rank among the best students in his cohort.

Cendikiawan (Diki) Suryaatmadja will study physics in addition to taking classes in mathematics, chemistry and economics, said Tuesday the administration of the Southern University of Toronto (center).

Born in Indonesia, the new student – the youngest in the history of this university – learned English … watching movies on television.

No matter his age, only his grades were taken into account, said the university administration, noting that he had had excellent results in the entrance examinations, among the best this year.

“He got phenomenal grades”, told CTV Andre Garden chain, deputy head of admissions. “He is fully prepared academically. Our concern is the fact that it is a boy of 12 years,” he said.


Diki said that he was “very excited to meet new students and (will) make new friends.”

The young Indonesian explained that he wants to apply the knowledge he will acquire the renewable energy field.

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