9/11 mattress ad sparks outrage

9/11 mattress ad — In the contest for distasteful commercials, this one may have just won the prize. Miracle Mattress faced a backlash online after promoting a “twin tower sale”, for which every mattress sold on the anniversary of the attacks would be the price of a twin mattress.

The ad promoting a sale at Miracle Mattress of San Antonio, Texas, opens with a cheerful pitch from a woman later identified by the Dallas Morning News as manager Cherise Bonanno.

“What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Tower sale?” she asks, flanked by a pair of men and two towers of mattresses. The 20-second ad ends with both men falling backward into the mattresses, knocking them over while she screams in mock horror.

“We’ll never forget,” she says to the camera, smiling.

The company has already apologized for the gaffe but the damage is done.

Today, I was made aware of a social media video produced by our San Antonio team highlighting a promotional sale using the upcoming 9/11 anniversary as the incentive. The video was posted on Facebook without my knowledge or approval from our corporate office in Houston.

I say this unequivocally, with sincere regret: the video is tasteless and an affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11. Furthermore, it disrespects the families who lost their loved ones and continue to struggle with the pain of this tragedy every day of their lives.

The store’s owner told San Antonio television station WOAI that they closed on 8 September 2016 out of fear over “several” death threats they had received.

The woman in the video has also apologized.

We are not hate, we are love, we are somebody that stands out, we are miracle mattress, we make miracles happen. And for our lives to be in danger that is not what we ever wanted… It was stupid, it was a stupid idea that we sent out and we apologize for our stupidity and we really hope that you forgive us for what we have done.


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