Woman and Lover Killed by Family Members in Pakistan


This last case of crime committed in the name of honor occurred at about thirty miles from the city of Multan in the center of the country, in a village called Chak 56. “A woman and her supposed lover were hanged by the father, brother and husband of the woman, after the latter was caught right in romantic date in the backyard of the father’s house,” said the chief of the local police station, Sardar Afzal Dogar.

The three alleged murderers were arrested and they admitted their crime, he said, adding that the husband of the victim had alerted the woman’s family of her affair with the man. The officer in charge of the investigation said the couple accused of adultery had been “beaten before being hanged on a tree.”

Hundreds of women die every year in Pakistan at the hands of their relatives on the pretext that they have infringed the “honor” of their family. The Pakistani government announced in July that proposals for legislation that should address these “honor killings” and harden convictions for rape would be presented to Parliament in the coming months.

The announcement was made following a series of high-profile murders, including that of a social media starlet Qandeel Balouch, strangled by her brother. The perpetrators of these crimes, where the victim, often a woman is killed by her family members, are rarely worried or punished because they can usually escape trial by obtaining the pardon of another relative.

The text of the bill meant to end the possibility of forgiveness has not been released, and no date has been set for its presentation. According to observers, the government fears the reaction of the parties of the religious right. The ability to pardon a murderer in return for financial compensation is a provision of Islamic law.


Kayou is a freelance Journalist. He resides in Nigeria and covers the latest stories on and about the African Continent for The Cubic Lane.

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