India Now Has More Internet Users Than the United States


India has 333 million internet users against 300 million in the United States. They would be 721 millions in China.

The assessment comes from the United Nations. To believe the organization’s commission on digital development, which published an annual report Thursday, India has surpassed the US as the world’s second largest Internet market, leaving China on top of the podium.

According to the report, India has 333 million Internet users against 300 million in the United States. They would be 721 millions in China. Based on the total population, the percentage of Internet users is around 30% in India against nearly 90% in the US.

The UN report points out that inequalities in internet access persist between the rich and the other groups since, if the former have reached a level of use “close to saturation,” “connectivity will still not progressing fast enough to help the poorest areas of the world.”

Globally, 3.9 billion people still do not have Internet access, of which 55% are concentrated in six countries: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

As for mobile Internet, accessed via smartphones or tablets, India has also overtaken the US as the second market, still behind China, with 60 million users. The development of mobile Internet is more broad as “165 countries now have deployed 4G mobile networks” and that the rate of mobile phone equipment is growing very rapidly in countries like India.

Still, the very definition of “user” limit the reliability of statistics. Some sources, based on other data from the UN and the World Bank, already put the number of Internet users in India to over 450 million.


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