Snowden is No Hero, He is a Traitor


Edward Snowden was more of a “disgruntled employee” than a whistleblower, said Thursday a US Congress report, as a campaign remains underway to rehabilitate the man who revealed the extent of electronic monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA)..

Several associations have launched an online petition in favor of the former consultant of the National Security Agency (NSA), who is now living in Russia. Edward Snowden is also the hero of a new movie by American director Oliver Stone, who also pleads for his forgiveness.

But according to the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, which has just completed a classified report on the case after two years of investigation, Edward Snowden was a “disgruntled employee who had frequent conflicts with supervisors.” “He had been reprimanded just two weeks before he began to illegally downloading classified documents,” said the Intelligence Committee in a statement.

There is “no evidence that Snowden has made any effort to formally express his concerns” about the activities of the NSA, and can not be considered a “whistleblower”, protected by the law, also says Committee in a summary of its report, details of which are classified and can not be published.

Snowden “got new positions at the NSA exaggerating his resume and stealing the answers to a test,” and of having “searched the hard drives” of his colleagues, taking advantage of his access as a network administrator. “Edward Snowden is no hero — he’s a traitor who willfully betrayed his colleagues and his country,” said in the press release, the commission’s chairman, Republican Devin Nunes. “He put our service members and the American people at risk after perceived slights by his superiors. In light of his long list of exaggerations and outright fabrications detailed in this report, no one should take him at his word. I look forward to his eventual return to the United States, where he will face justice for his damaging crimes,” he added.


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