Brazilian Family Murdered in Spain


Spanish authorities talked about a potential pay-back after the killing of a Brazilian family 60 km from Madrid. The victims, a couple and two very young boys, were found dismembered in a house in the village of Pioz.

Both children were born in 2012 and 2015, said a spokesman for the Civil Guard. “Everything indicates that it could be pay-back killings,” said the prefect of the Castilla La Mancha region.

“The investigations are conducted under secrecy and the motives (the quadruple homicide, note) are not yet clear. It seems that professionals were at work,” said a spokesman for the Civil Guard.

The investigators, who found no traces of burglary, believe that the bodies were inside for about a month. “No doors and no window appear to have been forced open,” said the spokesman.

The police were alerted Sunday by a neighbor who reported a strong smell emanated from the house.

The Spanish press reported that the bodies were found in plastic bags sealed with adhesive tape.

“What is clear is that the way the body look indicates an intention to quickly get rid of the dead bodies without leaving any trace,” said an investigator from the Civil Guard, to the Radio station Cope.

“This gives the impression that it was aborted at a specific time because it is not logical that the bodies were just left there,” inside the house, he added.

Various residents interviewed on television said that the family rented this house and that they were rarely seen in the streets since they settled there at the end of July. The house is in a residential area and is under surveillance round the clock.

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