Mammoth Skull Discovered on California Island

Mammoth Skull California

A rare mammoth skull was discovered by an American team of paleontologists Thursday on Santa Rosa Island in California (USA). Nicknamed “Larry”, the animal would have lived 13,000 years ago.

Probably the best preserved mammoth skull to be discovered

“This is a fantastically complete mammoth skull and in great condition. It is likely the best-preserved mammoth skull, Columbian or pygmy, to be recovered from the Channel Islands. The size of the skull is quite interesting,” said to CNN Bugbee Monica, who was part of the team of paleontologists.

The Scientists are surprised by the size of the skull, too small to be those of a Columbian mammoth and too large to belong to a pygmy mammoth. Furthermore, the specimen “could be a transitional animal, one that was evolutionary becoming a pygmy mammoth.

Did Larry live among humans? 

Another question that scientists will have to answer: “Did Larry Live with Humans? According to our experts, the animal could have met the man of Arlington, considered the oldest human specimen found also on the island of Santa Rosa.

“It is possible that mammoths went extinct before the arrival of humans, but it is also possible that men have caused their extinction by hunting,” then concluded on CNN geologist Dan Muhs.

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