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To celebrate the ten years of existence of Wikileaks, Julian Assange promised to publish very soon a series of new scoops. In his line of sight, the US elections. “All documents relating to the US elections will come out before November 8,” promised the whistleblower at a press conference in Berlin in which he participated via video cam.

The Australian “troublemaker” has been confined for four years to the Ecuadorian embassy in London due to lawsuits for an alleged rape in 2010, charges that he rejects.

Julian Assange, despite the cancellation for security reasons of an appearance on the balcony of the embassy that was scheduled for Tuesday, said that the publication will also include documents “on war, weapons, oil, Google and the mass surveillance conducted by the US government”. The new release should begin this week, he promised.

“We believe that they will be significant. Do they show interesting aspects of the factions in power in the US? Yes,” he said, declining to provide further details, while the American press expects to see in the heart of the revelations the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

At the press conference, representatives of Assange also cited the allegations published in the United States saying that Hillary Clinton, when she led the US State Department, had wished to conduct a drone strike against Julian Assange.

During the last the 10 years, the site WikiLeaks has published online millions of classified data. One of the latest leaks — as they are appropriately called — concerns the Democratic candidate for the US presidency Hillary Clinton. According to WikiLeaks, in 2010, following the publication of documents on US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Secretary of State at the time would have thought about the possibility of killing Julian Assange using a drone.

During a speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Democratic candidate has however denied the allegations, claiming that she does not remember making such statements, even in jest, about the assassination of Julian Assange.


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