Sex, Babies and Guns For Sale on Facebook


Launched less than a week ago,  Facebook’s new marketplace — created to facilitate transactions between users of the social network who wish to sell their products — has already met its first illegal disturbances. Weapons, explosives, drugs, children and sex were posted for sale on the social network site.

Marketplace, launched earlier in the week in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, allows individuals to sell products and services.

Except that the platform had already formally banned the sale of drugs, weapons, “adult products or services,” animal and tobacco on the platform.

However, it has been noted that several unscrupulous users have used the platform to offer for sale a baby, a hedgehog, multiple guns, drugs, sexual services, etc.

According to Mary Ku, the product manager for Facebook, the illegal publication of these banned “products” would have occurred as a result of a technical problem that would have missed those ads that were yet to be blocked. “We are working on resolving the fault and will closely monitor the control system to ensure that it correctly identifies and removes the offending announcements, before reopening the site to users,” she said in a statement.

Despite the rocky beginning, the new service is quite important for Facebook as it would allow the social network to add a new string to its bow. Currently, 450 million people already go every month on Facebook groups to selling different types of items.

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