Alcohol With Energy Drinks is as Harmful as Cocaine

Alcohol Cocaine

Consuming alcohol along with energy drinks like Red Bull would be as harmful to the body as cocaine, particularly among adolescents. This is certainly the conclusion of a recent scientific study on the subject.

We all know that both alcohol and energy can be harmful if consumed excessively. But they can deadly and even as damaging as cocaine..

Alcohol and energy drinks do not mix, as many studies have already shown. The two together can form an explosive cocktail that would also be as harmful in the long term for the brain as cocaine, says a new study conducted at Purdue University, in Indiana, published in the journal “PLoS ONE”. Teenagers are particularly affected.

The scientists came to this conclusion after having administered to young mice high doses of caffeine and alcohol. These rodents are frequently used for such studies because their neural activity is often comparable to that of human beings.

“We found that the effects were the result of combinations of drinks that we do not see when the drinks are consumed individually,” said Richard van Rijn, a professor at Purdue University to Mashable.

Brain Damage in the Long Term

The scientists found that repeated consumption of alcohol mixed with caffeine affects the brains of the young mice as if they had been administered cocaine. The researchers were also baffled by a high level of protein FosB. A level that reflects changes in the brain in the long term, as we see in regular cocaine users.

Even more worrying, according to Richard van Rijn, is the fact that the mice might have needed more cocaine to get the same effect.

What about mixing Alcohol, Red Bull and Cocaine?

The study did not mention the consequences of consuming such a cocktail combined with taking cocaine. However, it’s far from being a marginal assumption. It’s not hard to imagine such actions taking place in bars and nightclubs all over the world.


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