Young Couple Use Plastic Bags Instead of Condoms


Young, living in Vietnam, too ashamed to go to the pharmacy, what do you do when you have no condoms? Plastic bags are definitely not the answer… a lesson hardly learned by a young couple in Vietnam.

The first time of two Vietnamese students had turned into drama, reports the local newspaper Truoi Tre. Too embarrassed to go buy a box of condoms at the pharmacy, a young man preferred to use as a contraceptive… a plastic bag. The latter had a more disastrous consequence than you can imagine.

Genital sores, abrasions, blood loss: the couple had to be treated in emergency at the hospital. According to Nguyen The Luong, a doctor at Hanoi hospital, the two lovebirds were both students.

“The roughness of the bag, lack of elasticity and lubrication caused major cuts to the genitals to the point that they both were bleeding,” further states the Vietnamese press.

The doctor, who prescribed them antibiotics and disinfectants to treat their wounds, recalled that a plastic bag can in no way be used as contraception. It can cause injury to the skin and vaginal lesions.

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