Anis Amri Was Suspected, Before the Attack, of Preparing an Attack

Anis Amri, the Tunisian suspected in the Ram truck attack in Berlin was already before the tragedy suspected of preparing an attack and had been reported in November to the German counter-terrorism center, a German official said Wednesday.

“The judicial police of North Rhine-Westphalia had initiated an investigation into the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office (competent in the field of terrorism) because of suspicions about the preparation of a serious criminal offense representing a danger to the State”, said Ralf J├Ąger, Minister of the Interior of this region of western Germany where the suspect resided this year.

The investigation in question was entrusted to the Berlin prosecutor’s office, he added, without further details on the nature of the suspicions against this individual who had several identities.

The German press identifies him as Anis A. or Ahmed A.

The terminology of “serious crime constituting a danger to the State” is used by the German courts to characterize attacks or plans for such acts.

According to the German authorities, he was known for his allegiance to the radical Islam scene and was classified as a dangerous individual.

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