Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

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A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday ordered the temporary suspension of the new version of the anti-immigration order of Donald Trump, across the US, inflicting a new setback to US President Donald Trump.

Judge Derrick Watson held, just hours before its entry into force, that the revised version of the migration decree carries the “likely” risk of creating “irreparable harm”.

The judge relies in particular on several statements by Donald Trump with regard to Muslims, especially during his election campaign, to argue that the decree includes “significant and uncontroverted evidence of religious animosity”.

This is the third time that this measure intended to block the entry of nationals of certain Muslim countries into the United States has been suspended by federal justice.

The White House last week promulgated a revised version of this controversial decree limiting the ban on entry into the United States to travelers from six Muslim countries instead of seven (Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Sudan ) As well as all refugees. Iraqi nationals and holders of residence permits (“green cards”) and visas are no longer involved.

The new text was supposed to be legally stronger than the first version of the decree, which had been successively suspended by a federal judge from Washington State and a San Francisco Court of Appeals in February. It was to come into force on Thursday.

The administration of Donald Trump defended a text as “vital” for the national security.

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