Marketing is an essential part of developing a business. Many companies try various marketing methods to introduce their products, services, or even their business to people or target customers. But have you known about postcard marketing before? It is one of the marketing strategies chosen by many businesses because of its effectiveness and affordability! Today, postcards are not only used by individuals to communicate but are also used by companies as a marketing tool.  

There are some reasons businesses adopt postcard marketing. Apart from its effectiveness and affordability, this method is chosen because postcards are easy to create. There are three main steps in making postcards, including planning, designing, and printing on a printing service such as postcard printing in Singapore. But although the process of making the card is quite simple, you should never underestimate it. If you intend to create postcards for marketing, here are a few things that you have to avoid during the card making process! 

1. Skip the Planning Process 

Planning is one of the keys to success in making a great postcard for marketing. Once you decide to implement this method, you shouldn’t skip this step! Is this step really matter? Of course! In planning the card, there are four points that need to be concerned, including determining goals, specifying target audiences, identifying offers, and deciding actions. For all of the steps, you cannot miss one of them. Here are the reasons why! 

  • When you skip setting the goals, then you may be confused about what you want to achieve using postcard marketing. As a result, then it will be hard for you to measure the results after sending the card. 
  • In specifying target audiences, if you skip this step, who will you send the postcards then?  
  • In identifying offers, you will find things that you can solve or make the lives of your customers better. If you skip this step, you may not know what things you want to offer that can compel the customers.  
  • Then, if you skip the last step in deciding action, you may end up creating a postcard with a call to action that confuses your target audience. 

2. Use More Than One Call to Action. 

If you have seen postcards for marketing before, you are bound to come across something like “Redeem your coupons before February 14th!” One of the steps in making postcards is that you have to decide what action the reader should take after reading the card. But the thing to remember is that you have to make sure that you don’t put more than one call to action on the card. The reader may get confused about what action they have to do if there is more than one call-to-action on the cards. So, please avoid it! 

3. Forgot to Track the Results 

Never forget to add a way to measure the results of your postcard marketing. How can you know your postcard marketing works without measuring it? But how to measure the results? You can add a tracked phone number, QR code, specific voucher code, and other measurement ways to the cards. Please remember that!

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