Stickers are applied to many things around us! Just take a little time to look around, and you likely will find them stick to vehicles, laptops, packaging, or even attach to acrylic signage. From individuals to large businesses use stickers for any functional purposes based on their situation and needs. But have you wondered why stickers are widely used? Or why would people or businesses use stickers? So, to find out the answer, here are some points about why stickers are used and liked by lots of people! 

1. Stickers Are Versatile 

We know that the fact stickers can be used for many different things and purposes. Have you ever seen some word with a big size such as “big sale special offer 50% off” is affixed on a retail shop window? That is probably stickers for marketing purpose! And how about this one, have you ever received or seen a small sticker with a picture of a presidential candidate on it? In this case, stickers are made for political purpose. Due to its versatility, stickers are used in various fields, by many people, and for various purposes. 

2. Affordable 

Stickers can be accessed by everyone because of their affordable price. That is the reason why individuals to large companies can acquire stickers! Especially in business, the stickers are an effective marketing material with at an economic price compared to others marketing media. Because of their affordability, stickers are used as decoration items, marketing materials, information media, and others. 

3. Available in Various Sizes and Shapes 

From small barcode labels (20 mm x 40 mm) to large format printing stickers that are usually installed on retail shop windows, people love to use stickers because they come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, stickers can be attached to various objects that have different sizes! But not only that, people love using sticker since they can also customize the shape for their sticker according to their needs.  

4. Can Be Placed Anywhere 

One of the factors that make stickers applicable in many things is because stickers can be affixed to many surfaces. Stickers can be affixed on paper, glass, plastic, vehicles, and many more objects! Also, since stickers have a lot of variety of materials, some of them which have waterproof and tearproof features can be placed outside or even in the freezer, and for others type which doesn’t have these characteristic are suitable for indoor use.!  

5. Easy to Create 

Another reason people love using stickers because they are easy to make. The main steps for making sticker are planning (if necessary), designing, and printing. For those who use stickers to attract people’s attention, they may need planning because they need to know who their target audience is or what they want to convey through the sticker. Then for designing, there are three options. First, you can handle the design independently. Second, ask a professional designer to create the design. Third, you can find lots of legal sticker templates on the internet, but these are only suitable for personal use stickers. The last, printing. For this step, if you want to make your stickers have an attractive appearance, then asking a sticker printing service to print your sticker is the best choice you can do! 

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