Everyone must be familiar with sticker. It is a small tool that can be used for so many different things and purposes. A sticker is liked because it is cheap and very useful especially for promotion, whether it is promoting a business, project, all the way to political campaigns. Singapore sticker printing has always been one of the most highly demanded services by small to large Singapore businesses, event organizers, activists, even political parties. Anyone can choose to use stickers as a method to promote and let themselves get known without having to spend too much money. In order to get a good sticker, you have to understand the several options that you can choose as the material of the sticker. Different type of material produces different outcome as well as quality. Try to match the quality that you want to get with the budget you have.

1. HVS Paper

This is the cheapest option that you can choose. Of course, the quality is also among the lowest. As you can probably guess, HVS paper is very low in durability because it is easily teared, crumpled, and destroyed by moisture. It is not resistant to anything and is very frail. Moreover, it does not look very nice. However, some people still choose to use this paper material for minor uses such as stickers on a food packaging and such in Singapore.

2. Kraft Paper

This material has a similar quality to a HVS paper. However, it looks a little different because it is usually brown in color. A kraft paper can be processed with a common office printer. Same with HVS material, this type of paper is not very durable as well. Simply, it looks more interesting and unique due to its texture and color.

3. Chromo Paper

Stickers made of chromo paper will come out glossy. There is a shine to a sticker that is made of a chromo paper. It looks quite expensive, similar to the kind of paper used for magazines. This type of paper requires artpaper ink to print on it, and it can not be processed with the common office printer. Compared to HVS and kraft paper, this has a better quality with water resistance as one of its most prominent perks.

4. Vinyl Paper

This material is one of the most popular sticker material. It is highly durable but at the same time very affordable as well. Stickers made of vinyl material does not get teared or crumpled easy and it supports coating finish so that it later on can come off looking shiny and more durable.

Whatever type of paper that you choose for making your stickers, make sure that you first learn thoroughly about the material as well as the compatible finishes that you can possibly choose in order to make it more durable and look better as well as heighten its quality. That’s why you really shouldn’t try to produce your stickers with limited equipment. Instead, go to a good digital printing service and order your stickers there.

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