If you wish to extend your marketing reach with a cost-effective tool, attempting a marketing campaign using flyers is one of the best options that you can go for. You may not think that a flyer can do much, but actually it is quite a powerful tool as long as you know how to properly design and distribute them toward the right target audience. It is one of the reasons why flyer printing such as in Singapore is still so popular, being one of the most requested printing services even today. Although online advertising and marketing are getting more favored, reaching your target audience offline is also equally important.

A lot of businesses use flyers to advertise their product or services or gain more popularity for their brand in general. A flyer needs to be able to communicate well with people and deliver the promotional message effectively. Thus, the design of a flyer is very critical in determining the success of a marketing campaign using this tool.

Here are several tips that you should keep in mind if you are trying to create a good and effective flyer yourself.

1. Interesting Headline

This is one of the most important parts of a flyer because it first attracts people’s attention. As they see the flyer or get their hands on it, this headline part should be the one that gets read first. It needs to be able to pique their interest and convince them to read more about what’s introduced in the highlight. The highlighted part of a flyer should be able to give a gist of what’s the information displayed on the flyer is about. Ideally, this part comes in a larger font than the rest of the content, and it will be good to design it in bold as well for more emphasis.

2. Reading Flow

As you display the information on your flyer, make sure that you follow the general rule of reading flow that most people have by understanding that people read from top to bottom and from left to right. So, the information displayed must follow this flow as well. This is to avoid confusion and make sure that people can understand the content of your flyer easily.

3. Graphics and Illustration

Try to be more interesting and deliver a message in a simpler way using illustration or helpful graphics, such as infographics. Delivering your promotional message this way may catch more people’s attention and it will certainly benefit ones with low interest in reading since they can capture the intention and message of promotion of your flyer from the pictures. You can then elaborate more about it in the back part of the flyer if necessary, utilizing the free space or area.

4. Relevance

Surely there might be a lot of things that you want to say toward your potential customers. However, that does not mean that you can put everything in the design of your flyer. If you put too much information, it will look overwhelming. People tend to get discouraged from seeing too many words to read. If that’s the case, they will usually not read at all. So, try to convey your message in a simple way, only consisting of information that is important and relevant.

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