Stamps have been used by people as a form of identity and existence of someone, an institution, or a company that is established legally. In history, stamps have been used in a lot of documents, especially important ones.

Stamps were discovered in early civilizations and remained useful until this era of technology. It is one of the most important things for organizations and companies or corporations. A stamp is an office tool that is used to mark or symbolize the authorization of a company on important documents. Important documents of a company may include letters, proposals, contracts of agreement with business associates, and many others.

In its function as an office tool, a stamp has a similar purpose as a signature, which is a form of agreement that has a strong power by the person or party that stamps it on the document. A stamp is a representative proof of a company. That means it does not only represent one person’s decision but the whole company. With a self inking stamp in Singapore, important documents of a company have strong legal power. Therefore, before anyone personally make a decision or represents the company, the decision must be considered really carefully. It may be beneficial or even used against your company in legal situations.

A self inking stamp comes in many various types and shapes. There is no actual rule for a stamp shape. Companies are free to create their self inking stamp in any shape they desire. However, there are some companies that stick to the most common shape that is the same as government shape.

In general, the shapes of a company stamp are divided as follows:

1. Round Shape

A round shaped stamp is one of the most common company stamp shapes that is easy and most often found anywhere. Many government agencies use this shape, as well as schools and companies.

Visually, a round shaped company stamp has a formal appeal, that’s why a lot of formal agencies use this type of shape as their stamp. Companies can include other elements such as their company logo to make it appear more dynamic and less stiff.

2. Oval Shape

Aside from round shaped stamps, many people also choose an oval shaped stamp. Legal agencies like government agencies, companies, and schools may use this oval shaped stamp for special events or other purposes, such as stamps for sub divisions. Howeever, there really is no difference in its power regarding the authorization of documents compared to the other type of stamps. If your company logo suits this shape more, then you might want to consider making your company stamp in oval shape instead of forcing it to be round just to appear formal.

3. Rectangular Shape

This stamp shape looks more rigid and just as formal as the other two. It can also be used for any purposes deemed appropriate. It doesn’t even have to be a company stamp. It can be used as the shape of a common stamp to approve or organize documents in the office.

4. Free Shape

A free shape type of stamp is usually more often found in non-formal organizations because it is less formal than the others. There is entirely no restrictions on what to put on this shape. You can make it however you want and it can be inked with any color.

Other than stamps that use ink to make its mark, some companies also use embossing stamp. It creates an indentation on paper and makes a texture, making it look more sophisticated and elegant.

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