When people say a company or corporate seal, it must be referring to a common seal. Yeah, it has more than one name, and that is the first thing you should know before you use it. So, have you seen or known it before? Usually, it is used for certain types of documents. That’s the reason why you do not often find it use around you. But, do you wonder what kind of documents that can be affixed by using it? And why is it used only for specific documents? Well, to get the answer and help you know a little more about the common seal before you use it, here are some details about it!

1. You Have to Know What a Common Seal Is

What is the common seal? Maybe that is just one of the questions that suddenly comes up when the first time you hear or see a common seal. Basically, a common seal is a tool used for verifying and certifying documents. However, as previously mentioned, only certain documents can be affixed by using this seal. But what kind of documents? Only vital and high-level documents that are permitted to be signed by using it. Some examples include international business documents, real estate transfers, and other high-level documents. Regularly, it is used by organizations, companies, or even individuals person to process legal documents.

2. Let’s Talk About Its Functions

The common seal is a symbol that a document was the act and deed under the company or organization. So, before you can even use the seal, it is matter to have the authority from the director or decision-maker to affix it to certain documents. Besides, it can be used as a symbol of authentication. You may find that signature and company stamp probably easier to be imitated, therefore to reduce the risk of document forgery, people used it on high-level documents. Moreover, if there is no requirement about the common seal in your country, having it can be necessary, especially if you have a business with an overseas company where they have regulations about it.

3. How Its Looks Like

If you have seen it before, you probably know exactly how it looks like. But, for those who haven’t, maybe you need a little explanation about it looks. So, years ago, a common seal was made by using a wax embossed with an imprint. But now, people use sticker more often than wax. There are several elements that must be included on the seal. Here is a list of the elements!

  • Name of the company
  • The year of incorporated
  • The state where it is legally filed
  • Logo
  • Registration number (if required)

Note: You can make your common seal designs as long as all of the required information is included in it. To have it, you can go to the common seal maker or supply office retailer. But, make sure that you find a trusted and professional maker to get a good common seal! So, good luck!

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