Numerous things are waiting to be completed once you decide to get married. Normally, people get overwhelmed when preparing for their wedding because there are so many things to do. One of the wedding preparations that cannot be skipped is preparing a wedding invitation card printed. So, to help you prepare for the wedding, especially the invitation card, here are some useful things and information about that! 

1. About the Guest List 

We can say that the guest list is super fundamental in a wedding. Many things are determined based on it, such as the number of souvenirs and catering portions that you must order. One more thing, the guest list also decides the number of invitations that you have to create and send. Because of that, setting the number of guests and compiling the list are two steps that must be taken before you can order a wedding invitation card. 

2. Design Applications 

So, let’s talk about design. Regularly, we see that every wedding invitation card that we receive has a beautiful and various design. For invitation design, there are two options for that. First, create a design independently. Second, ask a professional to help you design the invitation. If you are interested in making it independently, then you can try to make your design using Adobe or Corel. If you want something even easier to use, then you can try a free online design platform such as Canva.  

Note: Plus, handling your design independently gives you the freedom to create anything the best for your invitation. You can also save more money because of that! 

3. Things that Affect the Price 

Now, we are talking about the price of the wedding invitations and what affects it. If you want to spend less on your invitations, then you should read this. So, here are several things that affect the price of wedding invitations. 

  • First, the size! It relates to the number of materials used for making invitation cards. Several sizes that are usually available on the market are A6, A5, and A4. The smaller the size, the less material used, and the lower the price you will need to spend on that. 
  • Second, material. Nowadays, you can find a variety of materials that are used to make invitation cards. Each material has a different style and characteristics. Apart from that, each of them has a different price.  
  • Third, the printed side. One or two-sided print has a different price. Two-sided printing is definitely more expensive because it uses more ink than single-sided. 

4. Timeline 

Do you know when you should order invitations? Or when should you send it? Here are some information and details about that 

  • Start compiling the guest list 9-12 months in advance and finish it 6-8 months before the wedding 
  • You can order invitation cards 4-5 months in advance 
  • Send invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding 
  • You can send invitations earlier if the recipient lives in another city or country. 

5. Save The Dates 

Before sending out wedding invitations, some people make save the date cards and send them to their guests. Do you know what it is? or have you received a save the date card from someone before? If you have received it, you probably know how it looks like. Save the dates card is not mandatory for wedding preparation, but it is based on your decision. But what makes people use that? So, people use the save the dates card as an early and unofficial wedding invitation. They send the card so people can mark their calendars early to attend their wedding. Usually, save the dates cards send about 6 to 4 months before the wedding takes place. 

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