In this article, we will discuss stickers starting from what stickers are, their functions, shapes, and materials that can be used. You can use professional sticker maker services from design to printing process. But actually, stickers can be made as we like at the nearest custom sticker printing in your area. You only have to bring the sticker of your design, then ask the operator to print it. You can also use your printer if you wish. Okay, maybe enough for a little prologue. Well, the first thing you need to know is what are stickers?  

Ok, here it is, stickers are a visual information medium in the form of sheets of various sizes from small to large that can be affixed to a supporting surface. Stickers are promotional media that are affixed or affixed to products / goods as an indication of identity, or simply to make it different and better. 

The function of stickers in the industrial world is as a label attached to bottles, packages and / or product objects. For commercial use, stickers are usually made in the form of the logo of an institution, business, organization, and others. The use of stickers 20 years ago may be different from the use of stickers today. If at that time it was used by teenagers for entertainment and who’s the coolest, nowadays its use is much wider than that of teenagers. Currently stickers are widely used by small businesses to complement their products as signatures. Whether it’s a special sticker for their logo, or words related to their business. In general, stickers function to increase the selling value of a product and as a media for product information to your customers. Other than that, the list goes on. 

In the form of stickers, usually made according to orders from the party who will carry out the promotion. They come in square or round shapes for simple ones to form stickers made with various pieces that can only be done with a pond knife. For an advanced technology level, sticker shapes can be made in embossed versions, so as if the resulting image looks more real. 

Types and materials of stickers vary depending on needs. For vinyl stickers made of plastic, it is very good because they are more resistant to water and weather. However, this type of sticker cannot be printed with an ordinary inkjet printer, it can only be printed using Laserjet print. This type of material has a glossy surface and is suitable for outdoor stickers. 

However, for printers that already use digital printing technology, it can be used to print for election and election purposes. It can print photos similar to the original and this is very good when attached to a car and does not fade in the rain. 

Another example is chromo stickers, which are great when printed in full color, at a fairly cheap price. Usually applied to bottle labels, promotions, Pilkada and Election stickers at economical prices. The weakness of this type of chromo material is that it quickly fades when exposed to rain. 

So, you already know things about stickers? All right, don’t hesitate to make it today, good luck! 

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