In the world of business, it is very important to advertise and market your work or product. Whether it is for the first time you establish your business, when you release a new product, if you have an interesting offer or promotion, and other occasions. Every once in a while, you will need to get the words out to your target audience to interest them into buying what you offer them. However, you don’t always have the funds for it as advertising and marketing can get quite expensive. If that is the case for you now, you don’t have to worry because there’s always a cheaper alternative to it. One of the ways to promote your product, service, or business in general is by using a flyer.  

Even though it’s cheap, you can’t do a lazy work as you design and print it. Flyer designing and flyer printing are equally important and must be done well so that your promotion can get you the best results possible even with the low cost you spend on the plan. 

1. Pay attention to the content 

A flyer is quite small, so you have to really think of what you want to put in there. In designing, it is best that you don’t overwhelm it with too many text or sentences. That’s why before you actually start designing you have to think about the most important information to be included in the flyer design. You only put things that are relevant, avoiding putting unnecessary information or words into it so that the message delivery to the recipient of your flyer can be effective. 

2. Choose the right flyer font 

A good flyer has a theme so that all design elements can be adjusted to the designated theme it to create a look that appears pleasant and interesting. One of the design elements that can affect how well a flyer can work is the font, including font style and font size. 

Surely you want your flyer to look appealing and catchy. However, you shouldn’t do it by choosing a fancy or calligraphy style font. This type of font is usually difficult to read and it can cause misinformation as your reader try to understand the content. 

When it comes to the font size, it shouldn’t be too small that it’s difficult to read. But at the same time, you can’t choose a font size that is too big as well as it will stuff the appearance of your flyer. Pick a moderate size and try to create text hierarchy to direct people’s focus as they try to read your flyer. 

3. Resolution of images used 

To make your flyer more interesting, of course, you can try inserting an image or graphic that can give your reader more information or idea regarding what you are offering.  

But of course, you can’t just pick any images or pictures. Not only that they have to be relevant, but they also have to be of high quality and resolution. Remember to work in 300 dpi to make sure that later on, no matter how big you print your flyers, the images will be able to retain its initial quality, creating a sharp and crisp looking image upon printing. 

4. Don’t forget proofreading 

If you think you have finished with the design and ready to go to the printing process to get your flyers, remember to check everything especially grammar, spelling, punctuations, and things alike in the design of your flyer. If you want to hand out flyers that are effective, you have to make sure that it has no mistake in the design and after printing as well.

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