There’s more you can do for your name card other than just having it printed with the design that you like. 

You can spice things up by choosing finishes for your name card. Finishes also don’t only make your name card look better, but it can also add extra protection. 

The popular finishes for name cards are glossy coating, matte coating, as well as UV coating. 

You might already imagine what kind of glossy and matte coating are. But what about UV coating? 

What is UV Coating? 

UV coating is a clear coat that is applied over your name card. Then, it is exposed to UV light that makes it instantly dry. The dried layer on top of the paper creates a clear layer that can protect the paper from various damages such as moisture. UV coating can also preserve color and add an extra shine to the paper that is applied to it. What’s definitely great about this is that it is environmentally friendly because it lacks volatility that keeps the varnish from turning into a gas that escapes to the atmosphere. 

What is the Difference of UV Coating and Spot UV? 

Sometimes, UV coating is also referred to as Spot UV, Spot Gloss, or Spot Varnish as well if only applied to a certain area instead of the entire surface area of the paper. Spot UV is more of a design technique that can make the specific area appear shinier than the rest for extra emphasis. It creates a distinct look as well as feel. 

If you want to create a high impact name card, then this finish alternative is definitely one to be considered. Other than it being environmentally friendly, another benefit of using UV printing is that it has high clarity that definitely gives your name card a beautiful shine. With Spot UV, you can appear more proper and professional. Creating a good first impression is very important as it usually the impression that lasts and determines the relationship that you are building. 

Spot UV or UV coating is not only available for name cards, but it can also be applied for postcards, greeting cards, trading cards, and many others. 

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